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These three preserves to be served with younger, medium and more mature versions of Grana Padano are the outcome of an association between Le Tamerici and “Consorzio per la Tutela del Grana Padano” (the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano).

They have been specially conceived to bring out the characteristics of the three types of this amazing cheese, star of the local area and its cuisine.

Eaten with Grana Padano they combine fruit with exotic ingredients to provide a truly wonderful experience for the taste buds.


Three new combinations of tropical fruit, inspired to the Caribbean, to be tasted in the contrast hot-cold, for a thrill of taste.

Fusion pairing for an exotic menu, a snow cone or a ice-cold cocktail to be use for surprise your guests.

A double-edged hot-cold nature is the secret behind this innovative preserve: it may be heated up to provide an unusual hot dip, served as a cold dressing, or even used to prepare daring cocktails.

An intense journey right to the very heart of the Caribbean, where the hot pleasures of a never-ending summer blends perfectly with a refreshing dive capable of sharpening up all the senses.

IceFusion represents an absolute novelty for fruit lovers as well as for those seeking a new and unrepeatable sensation at every bite.
On their own or mixed with spices and other ingredients, Bolero, Chacha and Mambo constitute the ideal creative touch for your more exotic dishes or recipes that exploit unusual couplings.

Just let your imagination flow and follow your inspiration.


The taste of new sensations, innovative and charming unions.

Each jam offers a host of flavors, an innovative union that reveals just how distant worlds are close and how ones nearby can appear exotic.

New flavors created from a desire to experiment and to shift the current boundaries of preserves and offer exciting new sensations with original and totally new combinations of fresh fruits with Japanese teas, spices from the Orient and chocolate.